Coffee and sun

Coffee and sun.


The sun occupies the place of honor every morning, from the balcony of my life, I welcome him to my illusion show.

Coffee cures the silent yawn that left the night of love. Dances in my senses with its aroma, my hands warm with its warmth.

I see a neighbor who smiles saying goodbye to her husband, a grandmother who takes her grandson by the hand, the morning gets up, I hurry out of my pajamas, to run to take the train that leaves today.

Coffee and sun, jump to my heart, ready for a new day that begins today, my feet have passed the cold, the water made me the best dress to celebrate today. A prayer and look to heaven to thank the day God gave us.

Coffee for the soul, sun to warm the heart.

Thank you for reading.

A hug with love.

Picture: Pixabay

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