I cried you until no more

I cried you until no more.

I had a long way to cry, I kept doing it, people looked at me with compassion, my eyes were so small that it already hurt to cried.

I felt so weak that I stopped breathing, at that moment my heart stopped, reacted only to hear a voice that called me endlessly. It was a terrible moment, it was my body, it was me, but the pain was all it felt.

As I passed that moment when my heart no longer beat, I knew I had a new opportunity to start. But I still cried again, this time for the one who died, the illusion I had longed for stayed, I had died sitting in the seat of that cold center of attention.

I thought that with days forgiveness would return love. But I have not forgiven you, the innocent love died, now I understand that at that moment the feeling also left me, now I understand that I do not love you anymore because you caused me great pain.

Today I realize that I want to say goodbye, that I leave you free, I release you from guilt, today I am leaving, because I already cried you until no more, because it is time not to do it anymore. It is time not to let me break, it is time to fight, to dry the tears, not to wait for promises that are broken at the end. It is time to accept that sometimes we have built necessary walls.

The facts are the only ones that can write another ending for this story, for the moment I stay quiet, I wake up and I smile maybe wanting to cry. In a world where there could be a fifth fundamental force in nature, surely there is more time to love and begin.

Thank you for reading.

A hug.

Picture: Pixabay

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