A different dream, in the sea of my hair


You came to me in the middle of the storm, you sailed the wind in a small sailboat, I saw your hand say hello from afar. But sadness overcame me, I was already sleepy.

Then, I fell asleep, I forgot the weather, my hair was your sea, my breathing the wind, I don’t know if you came, I don’t know if I kept feeling, the same wanting as in story days, or the same for you, as at that time.

If you moved me away, without direction or time, I flew so far so as not to be suffering, if I waited for you, maybe time fly by. I dreamed of a sea of eternal dreams, I don’t know if I love you, I don’t know if I am still waiting for you.

A different dream separated our bodies, today I am still asleep, from a distance I feel, I hear you say my name to the wind, I know that you are furrowing your time, your aroma leaves me, I no longer remember you, I am still asleep waiting for the relief of time.

Greetings with love. Thank you for reading.

A hug.

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