The sea’s immensity

The sea’s immensity


Today I’m sea, a poesy of its immensity, a detail that I want to share from the reflection of the soul to beyond.

The immensity of the sea connects me with reality, through my divine existence.

The immensity of the sea allows me to find my equilibrium through meditation.

I know how small I am, I know our life is just a small poem.

Although I can’t control everything, I stay with the blue of its immensity.

And on the shore, the snails are the art that can be admired.

The immensity of the sea is the therapy where I fall in love with life more every day that passes.

“I know that the sea precedes and follows me… So I wake up at night and, half asleep, I think I hear the sound of the waves”
Albert Camus

Happy Sunday. Thank you for reading and commenting.

Best regards and may God bless your souls.

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