True happiness

True happiness

Don’t deposit your happiness in someone, because that person can stop being there for you at any given moment, nor in things, because things are temporary. True happiness comes from the soul, from interior peace and your own conscience.

You are the one who owns the paint to paint your life and your world, the brushes are yours and your canvas can become a great piece of art if you do things with love. Doing everything positively and having faith in God makes everything possible.

Do you have time for yourself?

Spend every day at least one minute meditating, where your peace is the only and most important thing. Don’t get misled by your daily life nor by how voracious the world assumes your time. Build your own happiness centered in yourself.

Love a lot, love everything, but make it with a kind of love you feel comfortable feeling. Where you feel you float like a boat on the sea, being led on by the waves, but that you can still reach a safe shore.

Be your own peace, share that gift and educate your people to feel that love.

“Everyone speaks of peace, but no one educates for peace. People teach competitivity and this is the principle for any war”
— María Montessori

Being fragile can also be a strength, because true happiness is knowing that we can laugh, cry and get up every morning full of hope. Wanting peace is also having true happiness.

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