Turn around and go… a new life begins

Turn around and go… a new life begins

We should love ourselves more, we didn’t come to this world to suffer or allow anyone else to make us suffer. If someone makes you cry, that’s not correct. It’s time to say “enough”.Why do we allow others to make us cry?

Maybe we have the hope to make them realize they can do good as much as they can do bad. That’s not reasonable, if someone is with you and ignores you, that someone isn’t really with you. When someone who is like this hurts us, it is better to leave all that suffering behind, not looking and changing the course that leads to our fate.

There’s also people who constantly threaten us or think that loving us is a big task, and that’s not correct. We should love ourselves at the point of being capable to stay only with those we are real with. Those we feel good with.

Noone can come and judge us, trying to point out what do we need to change or look for. Only those who accept us know our true selves.

“Only I can judge myself. I know my past, I know the reason of my options, I know what I have inside. I know how much I’ve suffered, I know what it is to be strong and fragile. Me and noone else”
Oscar Wilde, letters to Lord Alfred Douglas

Every single one of us has in his/her interior the strength necessary to say “No more”, to dry your tears and walk confidently once more.

You should not want to be with someone who doesn’t want to do a thing for you, who doesn’t try to love you, seek for you, find you; that person who doesn’t care for you isn’t worth your tears or even worse, your happiness. Turn around and go… a new life begins

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